Swyde is a free science encyclopedia project that is focused on documenting scientific clarifications and explanations in the form of questions and answers. It was founded in 2016, by Karthikeyan KC. Unlike encyclopedias that focus on in-depth explanations, Swyde is focused on providing detailed explanations in a concise form and explore it further with easily comprehensible answers to all the questions about the topic.

Frequently Asked Questionsedit

What does Swyde mean?edit

Science Wikis You Define and Explore. And it took a week, reams of paper, critical thinking, and some customary visits to several realms to figure out the name.

What is Swyde's mission?edit

Swyde's mission is to create an encyclopedia of scientific explanations along with questions that stimulate humans to learn, create, and improve easily comprehensible answers, as one race.

How is Swyde different from other encyclopedias?edit

Modern encyclopedias focus on a mission to provide in-depth information about everything on the planet. Swyde focuses on providing a concise explanation of a concept and then compartmentalizing other information in the form of questions and comprehensive answers arranged according to the frequency of the questions.

How to contribute to Swyde?edit

Anyone can edit a page by clicking the edit button next to the sections or at the bottom of the page. Swyde Help has a neat guide that can help you to get started in a few seconds. If you are used to editing articles at Wikimedia sites, you will find it easy here too as Swyde uses the same MediaWiki software as its wiki engine.

What type of organization is Swyde?edit

Swyde is dedicated to the idea of creating the first encyclopedia of explanations in a question and answer format. The project itself is free as in freedom and is dedicated to the humans on the planet. As a business, Swyde is a hybrid organization that focuses on these values by sustaining itself from a non-invasive business model.

Does Swyde accept donations?edit

No, Swyde will never accept donations. Swyde is a hybrid organization, and we are working on a self-sustainable business model that will preserve both the mission and business of Swyde. Swyde will accept investments from investors who share our passion.

Who owns Swyde?edit

Swyde is owned and operated by User:Karthikeyan KC. The general public owns the content available on Swyde. The respective creators own the images and other media. The wiki engine, MediaWiki is also owned by the general public. All these are licensed under Creative Commons and other free licenses that give anyone the freedom to use and share the contents, under the terms and conditions of the licenses.