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Karthikeyan K.C.
Karthikeyan K.C.
I'm Karthik, from Coimbatore, India. I love exploring the world, explaining what I learn, and questioning everything. I created Swyde to help other curious people to explore better. I am an engineer with a degree in aeronautics, and I love exploring physics and astronomy. You may find me here often answering questions on related topics.


Swyde is created out of many inspirations that I drew from the curious realm called the internet. Exploring the universe with intriguing questions is what the world needs more than anything in here. Like all other encyclopedias that share the same goal, I believe that Swyde will make itself a resourceful place with a rather unique approach to the information.

Let's talk!

If you would like to discuss anything you can find me here. I am also available on Twitter.