Ultraviolet is a frequency spectrum in the electromagnetic spectrum. It's wavelength can range from 10 nm to 400 nm (8 × 10^14 to 3 × 10^26 hertz). It lies just above the visible spectrum.

Frequently Asked Questionsedit

Can humans see Ultraviolet rays?edit

No. Humans can not see UV(Ultraviolet) rays. They lie above our visible spectrum.

Can animals see Ultraviolet rays?edit

Some animals can see ultraviolet rays. Such as Butterflies; they can use ultraviolet markings to find healthier mates, Reindeer rely on ultraviolet light to spot lichens that they eat.

Is Ultraviolet radiation harmful?edit

It depends on where in the Ultraviolet spectrum it lies. Low frequency rays cause little harm and are reversible; examples include tanning and sunburn. Higher frequency ultraviolet rays are very harmful and are irreversible; examples include eye damage and skin cancer.