Observational frame of reference


A general frame of reference is an arbitrary reference point with a coordinate system, which helps in monitoring the subject's property that is being framed. An observational frame of reference is such arbitrary point that is used to define and monitor an object's state of motion. There are two types of observational frame of reference:

  • Inertial frame of reference
  • Non-inertial frame of reference

Inertial frame of referenceedit

A reference frame that follows a linear change in velocity or time is known as an inertial frame. The laws of physics stay constant for all the inertial frames and the measurements can be transformed easily.

Non-inertial frame of referenceedit

A reference frame that undergoes an acceleration or deceleration as seen from an inertial frame is known as a non-inertial frame. As the laws in these frames vary, inertial forces had to be introduced to validate the laws of motion to hold good.

Frequently Asked Questionsedit